A brief history of Green Valley Ranch

The Green Valley Ranch area was originally a prosperous farming and ranching community with the farmers producing agricultural products, including meat, milk and produce, to supply the growing Denver, and later Aurora, municipalities. One of the earliest residents was Mr. Ebert who homesteaded land in 1868. He assembled a large ranch with property on both sides of 56th Avenue. By 1898, family members owned about 1,400 acres of what was to become the original Green Valley Ranch.

It is an interesting fact that for 28 years (1886 to the early 1900's) a narrow gauge railroad, the Colorado Eastern Railroad, ran a daily train along 56th avenue to a coal mine just a couple miles southeast of Picadilly Road. The track was constructed to carry coal to smelter in Denver but over time passengers became the main reason to continue operations. 

The modern history of the area started in 1973 when Green Valley Ranch was annexed by The Builder Group and became the City and County of Denver. The Alpert Corporation acquired much of the land, put together a master plan for the property and started their development in 1981-82.

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