The THREE Metro Districts

In 1983 three metropolitan districts were created to provide a framework of major streets, water and sanitary sewer lines, drainage, open space and operation and maintenance services. The GVR Metropolitan District is located SOUTH of GVR Blvd (48th) and the Town Center as well as the First Creek Metropolitan Districts are located NORTH of GVR Blvd. The land owners found that there was also a First Creek metropolitan district just outside of Denver (north of 56th West of Tower) in Adams County, it was then renamed The Ebert Metropolitan District. 

Wait... What is a Metropolitan District anyway?

metropolitan district is a special district that provides two or more types of improvements and services. Services typically provided by Districts including: Parks and Recreation, Residential areas, Commercial areas, Sanitation Sewer and Storm Water Improvements.


Okay, so which Metro District do I live in?

The Town Center Metropolitan District-
 994.2 acres at the northeast corner of Tower Road and GVR Blvd Including the Golf Course.

Ebert Metropolitan District-1,120 acres containing all of section 14 and the East half of section 15, plus portions of sections 22 and 23. 

Green Valley Ranch Metropolitan District- south of GVR Blvd. 

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