Mosquito Information and Protection

Summer is here and with the warm weather comes mosquitoes. Denver Environmental Health’s (DEH) Mosquito Control Program uses an approach designed to keep mosquito populations at a safe level. This includes monitoring and treating mosquito populations; trapping, counting, and testing adult mosquitoes for West Nile Virus; and partnering with neighborhood organizations and other land owners to assist in controlling mosquitoes. DEH monitors mosquito presences is over 60 sites in the city and larvicides (kill mosquito larvae) in known problem areas. 

How to protect yourself and family from mosquito bites and West Nile Virus:

Prevention and Control

-Limit outdoor activity at dusk and dawn

-Wear protective clothing like pants and long sleeves when outdoors

-Wear mosquito repellent containing lemon eucalyptus oil, DEET, picardian, or IR3535 Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites

-Frequently remove standing water form containers, tires, birdbaths, gutters and buckets in and  around your yard

-Do not overwater your yard, as it can create standing water in gutters and storm sewers.

-Properly maintain fountains and swimming pools to ensure circulation, or drain and cover if not in use.

Mosquito-Proof your home

-Install screens on windows and doors.

-Make sure roof gutters are not clogged and holding water.

-Incorporate xeriscape (non-watered landscaping).

Visit for additional information and larvicide locations map and mosquito trap counts. 

Education is the first step. DEH has many educational materials available. For more information, contact Doug Kelley at 720-865-5455.