The purpose of this committee is to assist in establishing neighborhood watch groups, work with local police departments and city agencies on any public safety and transportation issues within Green Valley Ranch.

"Keep Yourself Safe" Tip of the Week
Do not keep anything of value in your vehicle, including your garage door opener.
Thieves have obtained entry into homes by way of utilizing the garage door opener you keep in your car. Although convenient, please do not leave your garage door opener inside of your vehicle even if your vehicle is parked inside of your garage.


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DENVER, CO ­— Monday, July 13, 2015 – Denver Public Works crews are continuing their paving operations. Below is our anticipated paving schedule for the week of July 13, weather permitting.

Denver Public Works Street Maintenance paving operations are weather dependent. Should we experience bad weather – heavy rain, snow, wind, or freezing temperatures, the schedules below will change based on those conditions.



  • One Street Maintenance crew will continue milling and paving in the Ruby Hill area from Mississippi to Florida and Platte River to Federal Blvd.
  • Another Street Maintenance crew will continue working in Barnum north, 1st to 6thAvenues and Perry to Sheridan Blvd.
  • A contracted Hot-In-Place-Recycle crew will continue work in the Athmar Park neighborhood from Exposition to Mississippi and Tejon to Federal Blvd.
  • A contracted Chip Seal crew will continue working in various parts of Green Valley Ranch and Montbello.

Curbs and Pedestrian Ramps

Contracted crews are doing curb and pedestrian ramp repairs/installation in:

·         Cheeseman Park and Country Club: between 7th and 9th Avenue, Gaylord to Williams Street

·         Country Club and Speer neighborhoods: between Washington and University/6th Avenue to 1stAvenue

·         Hampden: Monaco Pkwy to Ulster Street/Yale Avenue to Hampden Avenue

·         West Harvey Park: Florida to Illiff Avenues from Sheridan to Tennyson Boulevards

·         Park Hill: Martin Luther King Blvd. to 38th Ave. from Quebec to Holly Streets

·         Montclair: Monaco to Quebec/Colfax Ave. to 11th Ave.

Visit our website for more information on these programs.


“No Parking” signs are placed on affected blocks in advance of work to let residents know that we need them to move their vehicles; unmoved vehicles may be towed to allow paving work to proceed. The “No Parking” signs ask that no vehicles be parked on the street on weekdays, Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.